Tardy here not there.

coffee and watch
Pic Credits: Google Images

Half-finished cup of coffee on one hand, I roll my eyes staring at the door as I see her enter. She looks at me with that sheepish smile, mouthing ‘Sorry‘.  ‘Tardy‘ I mouth back. Ahh that moment of ‘Déjà vu‘! Over the years, this has been the standard set of greeting we exchange. The only difference is sometimes, the cup of coffee is half finished, sometimes all finished, but I can’t recall a time it was full.

Punctuality is the art of guessing how late the other fellow is going to be.” She quotes Evelyn Waugh sitting down. “It has been quite a few years, you have been practicing the ‘art‘, and I see you haven’t even come close to mastering it yet.”, I retort back. “Are you done with the nagging, I have something important to discuss here!” -she asks impatiently. “Yeah sorry, not that it’s gonna change anything now, so what is this ‘important‘ thing you wanted to get my valuable opinion on.” – I ask smirking.

She replies in a serious, soft tone, – “I’m thinking of continuing my job. I think I am too late to start ‘following my passion‘ “. I look at her shocked, “You are just 25!!, What do you mean you’re late?, you wouldn’t have been late, even if you were 35! It can never be late to move on to something that would make you happy. I have heard the excitement with which you shared your plans after your job. Never in three years of your work life, have I seen that gleam in your eyes, the one I saw that day.”

“But that is that, ‘a plan‘. You know life doesn’t go as per the plans. What if it doesn’t workout. People at 18-20, does stupid things like these not so late in their life, at my age.” -she asks. “But what if it does. If you don’t try it, you’ll regret it every passing day of your life. Since, when do you care so much about time and punctuality. In life, there are ocassions when you should worry about time, like when you have your friend waiting at the coffee shop but for being happy, for doing what you have wanted to do forever, I don’t think, that is when you should worry about being ‘on time‘. You have got this whole concept, so messed up sweetheart.”

I looked at her deep in thoughts as I finish my now cold coffee. By the end, I am always glad she is late, atleast I get to enjoy half of my coffee hot. Never will I admit that though. I  really hope she is convinced. It hurts to see dreams stuck in the walls of corporates even without giving a try.


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