Envious? Hell Yeah!


  • Oh my god! Look at her, isn’t it the 10th day in a row, she hasn’t repeated a footwear?!
  • Damnn! Look at that Gucci watch her fiance gave her. 
  • Holy sh*t! When did they go to Switzerland? Didn’t they just come back from vacationing in Hawaii?
  • Wtf!? How in the world, is he partying everyday, his one day snap story is more interesting than all the days combined in my semester!
  • Aww! The only single friend, I have changes relationship status to ‘in a relationship’. That. is. so. freaking. cute.

Does any of that makes me envious, believe me I’m trying my best to type no. But, I can’t, Of course it does.

I feel all social medias should come up with one tagline “Working hard to make it easier for you to envy your friends.” We did stay close and connected to the ones we wanted to, letters were good enough, but damn you, technology the closeness you have given us can sometimes be really suffocating.
Yeah, Yeah, Don’t start with how I can, stop using them. It’s not like if I start living in stone age, people will follow suit. I don’t have that type of devoted fans, whom I can lead by example. I might have one day.
These things make me envy people but that doesn’t last more than a few minutes or a few screenshots and gossips.

The one thing about certain people that I envy the most is Focus in life. I really Envy those people who have from the beginning known, what they wanted to do in life. The people who are sorted about what path they wish to follow. Be it a doctor or a model, they know that’s what they want to become.
I am jealous of them, who have figured out what it is that they love to do and are doing it beautifully.

I on the other hand, fall in love with a new profession everyday. My inspiration for a profession is directly related to the coolest guy’s profession in a novel I read or a series I watch. The only thing that happens faster than my shift in love for a profession is a death in Game of Thrones. I feel, I’m the most confused person I have known in my life.
I really envy those people who can answer the question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” with clarity and precision. I am like, it will be a surprise not only for you but for me too. The longest duration, I feel I can foresee is a year. I can’t go beyond that because I have no idea, when I’ll end up getting bored and shift to a different direction altogether.

For now, I really hope, I can keep my focus and keep working on my blog this time.


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  1. That 5 year question drives me nuts. My response, other than the prepared ones I use in job interviews because hell yeah I want the job you know, is this: alive. Great post … Marianne

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    1. The Puzzle says:

      Haha. That’s the most appropriate response. Thanks a lot! 🙂

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  2. Just curious. How old are you? One thing I was taught from very young is this and I’ve always lived by it, “Jealousy is the biggest waste of time, be jealous of no one and nothing.” And I never have been. Keep in mind, what you are seeing and/or hearing is only a perception, yours or theirs, only what one chooses to show, sometimes what one chooses to exaggerate or possibly even lie about. You have no clue what a person’s real life is like. So don’t envy anyone or anything even those who appear to have it all figured out. Notice I said APPEAR. My best advice is this. Like you for who you are, don’t worry about anyone else, never care what anyone thinks, and do what makes you happy at the moment, as long as it is not illegal, not intentionally hurting others or yourself. And keep in mind, those you envy, may just be envying YOU!!!!!! HMMMMMM.

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    1. The Puzzle says:

      I am twenty. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful advice. I think I have improved a lot, I do try to focus on my life and improving it. What others do doesn’t always effect me, but sometimes I can’t really help but feel a bit jealous when it appears as others are having everything figured out, of course that may not be the case really.

      Thanks again! 🙂


  3. masxmarvel says:

    I love your honesty! Nowadays we live in a time where success is measured by the size of ones wallet and achievements by how much one owns. With that being said, I would love to posses the passion to follow my dreams, I’d be an actor by now! (Probably not a good one)… And where do I see myself in 5 years? Hopefully in good health. (Damn you lack of passion). lol


    1. The Puzzle says:

      Thank you! That’s true. You can always try acting, if that’s your dream. Good or bad is a different story.
      Haha, being in good health is the most important thing. 😛

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    1. The Puzzle says:

      Thank you! 🙂


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