Colors of the beach

Few things can be more Vibrant than the time spend beside the beach.

Moments spend on the beach, is filled with rainbow of colors and a soothing calmness, despite the hustle bustle.


The man with his talent can always bring a dose of surprise.

The patterns, the magic this guy created with fire, with a backdrop of the ocean left us awestruck.
(@the Patong beach)


The nature at its best can bring a sense of peace with it. Words fall short of expressing the beauty that the nature possess.

The rock with lush green grass peeping from all over its body, appears to be sitting on a bed of sometimes calm, sometimes rude ocean.
(near Phi Phi Island)


The human eye is filled with happiness and gratitude, when it can capture a sight like this. The traffic, the crowd, the screens of gadgets can sometimes make the eye long for a beauty like this.

Even the sun loves, the beach, it takes extra care when rising and setting on the ocean.
(@the Patong beach)

All picture credit goes to my brother. (Insta: @shuttersnaps_)

Twitter handle: @shits_i_say


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  1. Lovely shots! I love the reflection of the sunset in your shades. 🙂


    1. confusedassnow says:

      Thanks a lot! I also love that click. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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